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Sixteen football fans arrested after 'kill Arabs' rampage

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Israeli police detained 16 football fans who rampaged through Jerusalem's city centre streets screaming "death to Arabs" before spitting at an Arab woman and pushing two men into a shop window.

"We have arrested 16 suspects based on CCTV images," police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told AFP.

Ten were released after being questioned while six others were to appear before the courts.

The incidents happened on March 19 when supporters of Beitar Jerusalem surged into the Malha shopping area, screamed "death to the Arabs" to celebrate their win over Tel Aviv side, Bne Yehouda.

The Haaretz newspaper claimed that some fans of Beitar spat at an Arab woman and then beat up two men who had come her aid. The men were then shoved violently into a shop window.

Some Beitar fans are known to be ultra-nationalists who regularly unfurl racist banners.

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